Legal aspects of online pharmacies activity

Igor Ogorodniychuk noted that the pharmacies are divided into 2 categories: licensed pharmacies, which provide services on online ordering of medicinal products with their subsequent delivery to the client or receipt of their self-admission; organizers who do not have a license for retail sale of medicines and, accordingly, pharmacies. They position themselves as companies that deliver medicines (logistics, price aggregators).
As you know, Licensing Terms of Business for the Circulation of Medicines, Limit the opportunity to acquire medicines outside the pharmacy, but there are nuances:
  • money transfer for the purchase of medicines is remotely  possible;
  • the purchase of medicinal products by a third party for the buyer is also possible within the framework of the contract of assignment (Chapter 68 of the Civil Code of Ukraine);
  • have been significant changes in the Ukraine Criminal Code (CC) and now for violation of licensing conditions entail administrative liability in the form of financial sanctions.

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