On the abolition of conducting of employment books in GDIP

We inform you that on July 18, 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued Decree No. 513-p (hereinafter - Order No. 513-p). The given Order dismisses item 2.21 of the Instruction on the procedure for conducting work books of workers, approved by the order of the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Protection of the People of July 29, 1993, No. 58 (hereinafter - Instruction on the procedure for conducting labor books).

The cancellation of this norm is intended to minimize the unjustified burden on business in Ukraine, and to bring the Ukrainian legislation in line with the requirements of Article 129 of the Commercial Code of Ukraine, according to which foreign legal entities in the course of economic activity in Ukraine equate to their legal status with legal entities of Ukraine.

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