Safe handling policy on marketing services

Draw up contracts correctly

  • Providers reserve the right to choose how to conduct marketing and promotion (if goal - to achieve sales plan or residues)
  • Provider reserve the right to hire subcontractors
  • We do not engage in unnecessary detailing of the service (layout of so many centimeters, announcement of such a size)
  • We does not prescribe unrealistic plans for providing services - on visits, surveys, placement of information, etc.
  • We offer the same conditions and the same payment plans for pharmacy chains one category
  • Do not prescribe sales plans as achieving a certain percentage and behave extremely carefully with the sales plans of the original drugs (without analogues)
  • Transfer providers the right to use TM to promotional and marketing materials, and during the events (materials themselves should agree with the customer)
  • Prepare detailed reports, which should confirm the fact of rendering the service and enable to calculate its cost. Reports must demonstrate a real product for which you paid the money!

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