Land Law

Land Law

Our team consists of the best specialists in the sphere of land legal relations. Regulatory considerations of land legal relations in Ukraine allows to give land legal relations the separate practice. At the same time, land legal relations are closely related in the field of real estate and construction, agriculture, industry, infrastructure projects and other fields of real economy. Our professionals have a comprehensive approach to issues related to land as assets or means of production

OMP provides legal assistance to clients in:

  • procedure of land allotment plots in the lease;
  • change of target destination and correspondence of using planning documentation;
  • legal expertise of individual land plots and whole land banks of agricultural producers;
  • structuring and arranging of work with departments of agricultural for agricultural enterprises;
  • consultations on the development documentation of crop rotation;
  • purchase and sale of land plots of private property or redemption of land plots of national property;
  • representing of interests of land plot owners and land users in the talks or in controversial issues;
  • determination of restrictions and limitation of land plot, history of transitions of property rights, examination of documents, ets.


Contact persons:


Hotline "Legal framework" *
for agricultural enterprises in Ukraine
+38 044 391 3007
(multichannel phone).
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