Employment & Labor Law

Employment & Labor Law

We are providing legal services to Ukrainian and international companies on all issues arising in connection with labour relations, particularly:

  • perform legal support during choosing of optimal way of organization of labour relations and of labour remuneration;
  • advise on issues arising in the process of labour relations starting from the moment of employment to the moment of dismissal;
  • draw up internal labour documents for companies (employment agreements/contracts, internal rules, regulations / policies, collective bargaining agreements etc.);
  • advise on issues related to entrance and stay of foreigners within the territory of Ukraine;
  • perform obtaining of employment permits for foreigners in Ukraine;
  • draw up agreements and perform legal support of outsourcing and outstaffing of personnel;
  • perform internal due diligence of companies re their compliance with labour legislation;
  • represent interests of parties in labour disputes;
  • provide assistance in solving issues on intellectual property to the objects developed by personnel of the company;
  • advise on issues concerning creation and activity of trade unions.

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