Legal Regulation of Agribusiness

Legal Regulation of Agribusiness

One of the main company’s practices is providing complex legal support to agribusiness.

Considering longstanding cooperation with different size agricultural enterprises, we offer a range of services which meet special needs of this industry:
  • creation and complex verification of land banks (rent of shares and ground areas);
  • operation with property certificates (purchase, allotment and rent of property);
  • development of legal/corporate structure of agro holdings, preparation for cooperation with banks and external investors, issuance of Eurobonds and for public/private stock promotion (depositary receipts);
  • creation of foreign parent companies for Ukrainian agro holdings and structuring of commodities/monetary flows using offshore companies;
  • support of existing agro holdings acquisition transactions as well as acquisition of infrastructural objects (silos, granaries, industry plants), including complex legal audit, reception of Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine permissions and drafting of necessary purchases/sale contracts;
  • support of financing granting transactions to the agro enterprises by domestic and foreign creditors, including International Finance Corporation and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; programs of machinery and equipment purchasing, insured by export credit agencies of the countries-manufacturers;
  • tax planning for agro manufacturers (using offshore schemes if necessary);
  • support of international trade transactions, including on GAFTA/FOSFA standard terms and representation in corresponding arbitration bodies;
  • protection of agro manufacturers’ interests in state courts and other state bodies, as well as in international arbitration and imposing of interim measures.
Active cooperation with partner companies, professional organizations as well as state bodies and agencies allows us to accumulate experience and transfer it to new projects using the best ideas, techniques, models and legal instruments.

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