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Land Lease from A to Z

Land lease plays an important role in present day Ukraine. It underlies the whole of the Ukrainian economy. Agriculture and real estate development, for example, rely almost exclusively on land lease.

Despite such importance, there has been little guidance on what is lease of land, which land can be leased and how to lease it properly.  Regrettably, regulation, as well as administrative and court practice on the topic are quite convoluted and at times contradictory. As a result, businesses often lack understanding of the simplest, but none the less essential, aspects of land lease.

Law Offices of OMP offers a debut guide to land lease in Ukraine. The book provides user-friendly description of Ukrainian regulation of land lease, as well as easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on the execution, management and audit of land lease agreements. To make the guide an easy and handy reference, its authors focused on the practical side of land lease in Ukraine providing numerous illustrations and tables. Important information and examples are highlighted in the text to draw special attention of the readers. For the users interested in following the advice, the book provides ready-for-use documentary templates of land lease agreements and their annexes, registers of land lease agreements and checklists for the audit of land lease agreements.

The loose-leaf publication allows for easy updates which are circulated quarterly. Both the document templates and the selected legislation can easily be accessed on the website following user registration. A scratch card with the registration code is attached to each book.

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