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for agricultural enterprises in Ukraine
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Professional prompt answers to the most pressing issues

Agribusiness is constantly faced with the arbitrariness of officials, as well as endless amendments into laws and and changing practice of application thereof. Farmers can`t always quickly find the answers to their questions. Let alone about when the situation requires immediate and decisive action (you have uninvited guests, you are invited to visit state authorities or competitors pick out your ground).

Law Offices of OMP is a leading legal adviser to agricultural sector, providing prompt assistance to agribusiness. Hotline on legal and tax advice is a chance to get the immediate feedback to the most pressing issues. In urgent cases, our experts are ready to visit you in a matter of hours.

Our experts work in all regions of the country. They are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you. We can`t change the law, but we can help you to use it.

We provide our advice and consultations on plenty of issues, namely**:

  • registration of legal title to land, privatization, lease, easements, lease government and municipal land, unclaimed shares, inheritance of land;
  • specific taxation for agribusiness: the use of fixed agricultural tax and tax benefits to VAT, reporting requirements for agricultural producers;
  • sale of agricultural products – execution of contracts and dispute resolution;
  • construction and registration of property rights to agricultural infrastructure (elevators, dryings, storages, grain storages, farms, greenhouses);
  • purchase and sale, accounting, leasing and financial leasing of agricultural machinery;
  • the use of agreements on joint activity, joint processing and management in agriculture;
  • formalization of relationships with foreign partners (our specialists are fluent in English and German);
  • relationships with law enforcement agencies – how to behave during the visits and inspections and to protect your rights, how to respond to the challenges and "invitations";
  • labor protection and defense of an enterprise in case of emergency at the place of production and industrial accidents;
  • sanitary and environmental requirements in agribusiness.

**Assuming the scope of services and time, required for delivery, hot line doesn’t include the consultations with regard to the following issues:

  • support of litigation
  • support of tax and other inspections
  • complex tax planning (except for consultations concerning current tax issues);
  • obtaining permits for concentration (Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, AMCU);
  • registration, reorganization and liquidation of companies (except for consultations concerning general issues);
  • land audit (due diligence);
  • obtaining of special permits and licenses (except for consultations concerning general issues);
  • registration of land lease agreements (except for consultations concerning general issues).

Cooperation format: subscription services of users.

Time of response: immediately or from 12 hours to 1-3 days, depending on the complexity.


Law Offices of OMP is a leading supplier of full range of legal services to agricultural producers in Ukraine. Today we serve agribusiness of different sizes and specializations (crops, dairy cattle, pigs, wine, gardening, vegeculture, etc.) in all regions of our country. Experience of our employees in the agricultural sphere is 4 to 7 years. Our specialists are listed among "Top 100" lawyers in Ukraine. Mykola Orlov is among Top 3 best experts in the agricultural sector and Law Offices of OMP is among Top 5 best companies in agribusiness due to the results of an independent research "Law Firms of Ukraine 2012".

Success and prosperity of your business!

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